Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

The new year is almost here and it will bring with it some exciting design trends. We decided to go straight to the source, asking top interior designers for their predictions on the hottest interior design trends in 2019. Also, get some ideas on how you can incorporate these styles into your home. You should be ready to take on 2019 with style, according to this post.

Plants that are big and bold

Big, bold plants will be a major trend in interior design for 2019 homes. Any kind of palm tree, whether it’s a rubber or dragon tree, can make a statement in any home. One can be placed on either side of your sofa, or in any corner. The bigger, the better here.”- Kenny Colvin, Designer, Giant Squid CreativeIncorporating plant life into your decor is a bit different than taking on other 2019 interior design trends. Instead of just focusing on the aesthetics, it’s important to let the care-and-keeping instructions dictate where your plant is placed in your home. To ensure your plants thrive in the right environment, make sure you check how much sun and water they require before you buy them.

Ceilings painted

“In 2019, we will see people take advantage of the fifth walls – the ceiling has been neglected for too long!” – Rebecca Rowland, Owner, Rebecca Rowland Interiors The ceiling will become the focal point for people who want to create a WOW moment in their space. Keep the 10-30-60 rule in mind when designing these spaces. You can either continue to the ceiling using your base color which covers 60% of the room or use your accent color (the last 10%) to make a statement and add visual interest.

Multifunctional spaces

We are witnessing a shift in interior design with more people adopting the “Less is more” attitude. Multi-functional spaces will be more common in 2019, according to me. The murphy bed has been making a comeback and I think we’ll see even more modernized versions.”- Alexis Kokolias, Owner, Lexi InteriorsMulti-functional furniture doesn’t just have to be for small apartments anymore. You can incorporate it into multi-purpose spaces like an office or guest room that doubles as a guest bedroom. You could also consider adding an ottoman that doubles up as storage. When it comes to functionality, the key is to think outside of the box.

Bold colors

Bold colors will explode in 2019! Think navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange to really bring life into a room.”- Shea Nikkel, Owner, Blue Charlotte Lifestyle To bring out the excitement in a room, think navy blue, deep red and burnt orange.” – Shea Nikkel Owner, Blue Charlotte Lifestyle. Bringing bold colors into a space is all about creating balance. Pair your bold color with lighter, more neutral colors like gray or white. Your bold color should be used sparingly as an accent or statement piece.

Mission-style details

“Recently I have seen many modern looks that look great on the camera but feel cold and clinical when you see them in person. Mission-style details will bring warmth to modern spaces in 2019. There will be patterned tiles in the kitchen backsplash, wall texture and terracotta colors. It’s about finding new ways to add character to the space.”- Anna Dunn Owner of Paper Cranes Designs. Successfully paying homage to a style means incorporating small details into a room rather than trying to replicate it completely. Anna suggests that you stick to mission-style details in your existing design.

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