Most Wanted 4-Slice Toasters in 2022

Cuisinart Metal Classic Four Slice Toaster – Most Sleek

The Cuisinart Toaster’s body is entirely made of stainless steel, which will complement your other kitchen appliances. It also offers many functions and different shading levels that can be used to personalize how your bread is toasted.

The Key Features

  • 11.15 x 10.65 x 7.5 inches
  • Four slots
  • There are two sets of buttons, dials and levers
  • Six browning functions
  • Bagel, defrost and reheat buttons. Cancel buttons
  • Three-year warranty

What customers are saying

Customers praised this toaster for its ease-of-use, clean body, and even toasting of bread products. Bagel settings were a disappointment for some reviewers. Customers complained that the buttons’ lettering was prone to rubbing off.

Cuisinart Compact Plastic Toaster, Four-Slice

The toaster features four 1.5-inch toasting slots, seven toast settings, and can toast up to four bread pieces at once. You can select the desired toasting level from the dials on the sides of the toaster, while the buttons allow you to select the toasting function and the levers allow you to start the toasting process.

The Key Features

  • 10.8 by 10.7 inches by 7.2 inches
  • Four slots
  • There are two sets of buttons, dials and levers
  • Seven browning functions
  • Bagel, defrost and reheat buttons. Cancel buttons
  • Three-year warranty
  • There are two options for finishing

What customers are saying

Cuisinart’s Four-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on over 14,100 reviews. Eighty-seven per cent of reviews are 4 or 5 star, while 7% of the reviews give the toaster 1 or 2.

This toaster is praised by reviewers for being reliable, stylish, and affordable. The toaster’s small size was also appreciated by reviewers. Customers who were not satisfied with the toaster complained that it made uneven toast or left their kitchen smelling strange during toasting.

Most Compact: Elite Gourmet Maximatic Four-Slice Long Toaster

The double-long-slot toaster can toast four pieces of bread simultaneously without taking up too much counter space. You can toast a wide variety of breads with the extra-wide slots, including Texas toast, croissants and ciabatta.

The Key Features

  • 14.68 x 7.13 x 7.68 inches
  • There are two slots
  • A single set of buttons, dials and levers
  • Six browning functions
  • Reheat, defrost and cancel buttons
  • 1-year warranty

What customers are saying

Customers who were satisfied with the toaster’s consistency in browning bread and other pastry items noted it was a reliable choice. Its durable, easy-to-clean chrome exterior was also noted by other reviewers. Some customers complained that the highest settings made their bread burnt.

Elite Gourmet Maximatic Four-Slice Long Toaster

Hamilton Beach Four-Slice Toaster: Best Safety Features

To prevent any accidents, the toaster comes with safety features such as a cool-to touch exterior and an auto shut-off function. You can toast many types of breakfast items with this toaster, including frozen waffles and bagels using the defrost button.

The Key Features

  • 10.43 inches by 7.28 inches by 10.23 inches
  • Four slots
  • There are two sets of buttons, dials and levers
  • Six browning functions
  • Cancel, defrost and bagel buttons
  • 1-year warranty

What customers are saying

Average rating for Hamilton Beach Four-Slice Toaster is 4.5 stars out 5 stars. More than 7,000 customers have left feedback on the product. 87% of them gave it 4 stars or more and 6% gave it 2 stars or less.

Customers were pleased with the toaster’s affordability. Many reviewers said it offered multiple toasting options without taking up too many counter space. Customers who were not satisfied with the results complained that the toaster did not evenly brown their food. A few reviewers complained that the crumb tray wasn’t located in a convenient location.

Buyer’s Guide

Consider the safety features and usability of your four-slice toaster before you buy it.

Size of the Slot

When looking at the slots of a toaster, consider both its length and width.

  • Width: If you are going to toast bagels, artisan breads, or Texas toast, width is crucial. Most toaster slots are 1.5 inches wide, which is sufficient to hold most bread types.
  • Length: Four-slice toasters may have two slots rather than four. Two slots have a length twice that of a four-slot toaster, so you can fit two slices of bread in each one. A four-slot oven should have slots that are quite long to accommodate unusually shaped bread pieces.

Safety Features

Safety features should be included in toasters to protect you from burning yourself and catching your kitchen on flames.

  • Automatic shut-off: Toasters with an automatic shut off function shut down when the cooking process has finished. This prevents the toaster’s fire from being lit.
  • Rubber feet: To prevent your toaster from sliding or tipping, rubber feet are recommended.
  • Temperature outside: Toasters made from stainless steel can heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t want your family members or you to burn their fingers on your toaster’s exterior. Instead, opt for an aluminum or plastic model.

It’s easy to use

Toasters will come with a variety of features that make it easier to toast.

  • Toast dial/button: Toasters will come with a dial or buttons that allow you to adjust the toastiness of your bread.
  • Modes: You can customize your toasting experience according to the bread you are toasting.
  • The lever: To start toasting, your toaster will come with a lever. When your toast is finished, the lever will pop up. You can also pull the lever a bit higher to reach any bread that is too far down.
  • Crumb tray: To catch any crumbs that may have fallen onto your counter, toasters use crumb trays. To prevent them burning, remove the tray and toss the crumbs in your trash.
  • Timer: Toasters with high-end features will usually have a timer to show you how long it takes to toast.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I don’t have enough counter space to hold a toaster?

You can get a toaster that has two extra-long slots if you don’t have much counter space. A standard 2-slice toaster might be better if you are single, have a small family or don’t make much toast.

How can I stop my toaster electrocuting me

These are some safety tips for using a toaster.

  • Before cleaning your toaster, unplug it.
  • Use a plastic or wooden fork to remove the toasted bread.

How much do toasters cost?

Toasters generally cost $30 to $500. Toasters that are cheaper may not last as long or have additional features such as timers and toasting modes.

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