How to Install Bypass Pantry Doors

How to install bypass doors

  1. Preparing the door opening is the first step. You might need to cover the opening with primed 2x stock material in some cases. This will ensure that the opening is exactly the same width as the doors. If the opening’s width is correct, you can notch the opening to accommodate the trim piece. This will hide the track once it has been installed.
  2. Mark the holes with the screws by holding the track straight up to the top.
  3. Drill pilot holes along the marks and remove the track.
  4. Use the included screws to secure the track to the top edge of the opening.
  5. Make sure the track is level. You can cushion the top with a few shims if it isn’t level.
  6. The track can be used to hang the roller hardware. Measure the distance from the floor to the hardware. Add 1/2 inch to account for clearance.
  7. This measurement should be transferred to each door. Then, use the track saw to cut the door to the desired size. Make sure you remove any material at the bottom of each door.
  8. Use the provided screws and drill driver to attach the roller hardware to your door approximately 1″ from each side.
  9. Place the doors on the track.
  10. Place the floor guide on the ground and then place the doors in the slots. Secure the floor guide to the floor by using screws.
  11. To accept the finger pull included with the kit, drill a hole in each of your doors using a Forstnerbit. This will make it possible to open and close the doors easily.
  12. To hide the track, attach the trim piece to the two notches in the opening. Use a brad nailer to secure them.


Nathan installed two interior doors made of JELD-WEN Colonist primed wood that closely matched the opening’s dimensions. Nathan suggests that the door not be prehung or have holes for standard knobs. These doors are available at most home centers.

Nathan installed a Johnson Hardware Bypass Door Hardware Kit to make the doors go around. All hardware is included in the kit to mount the doors.

You can find all the tools and materials needed to install these doors at your local home center.

Shopping List

  • Primed trim piece
  • Interior doors
  • Hardware kit for bypass doors
  • Shims


Tools & Materials

  • Drill driver

  • Forstner bit

  • Niveau

  • Measure tape

  • Track saw

  • Brad nailer

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