Five Ways Baskets can Revolutionize Your Pantry Organization

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They are beautiful photos of pantries with neatly arranged bins and glass jars lined shelves. They repel dust and are easy to organize.

You’re not the only one who doesn’t like your pantry. It can be difficult to keep your pantry clean, especially if you use it. Your pantry will always be in flux, no matter how skilled you are at cooking. How can you manage all the new and old? It might not be as difficult as you think.

Take a look at these pretty pantry photos again. What does each one have in common? Baskets. You can choose from wicker, plastic, or fabric. The humble basket is a key component of any well-organized pantry. Here are five ways baskets can be used to create the pantry organization you desire.

#1: You can use them to define areas

Are you having trouble finding the right items in your pantry? You might not know where to look. To organize pantry items, the simplest way is to group similar items in a basket. You can store all your canned goods in one basket. All your pasta and rice go into one basket. All snacks can be combined in one.

It is possible to be more imaginative with the areas you create. You could instead of grouping the same products together, group items by meal. You could make a basket to serve breakfast, grab-and-go lunch, and a basket that contains the ingredients for each meal this week. You can experiment with different systems until you find the one that works for you.

You can make smaller groups by placing smaller baskets on a large sheet of paper to increase the size of your groupings. Let’s say you have several baskets to store your baking supplies. One basket can be used for measuring cups and one for spices and extracts. All of these baskets can be placed on one sheet pan. You can take out the entire pan when it’s time for baking. You can keep your individual components organized using the sheet pan method without having to limit your groupings.

#2: Use them for hiding ugly packaging

Some people have the time and ability to pack everything they bought at the grocery store, then move it into neatly labeled containers. Some people don’t have that luxury. Baskets are the best option if you want your pantry organized in a single style, but don’t want it to be cluttered with jars and bins. You can hide mismatched and often jarringly colored labels by putting packaged products in baskets.

#3: Make sure you’re party-ready with them

There is nothing worse than hosting guests and having to search for things in your pantry. You can take your hosting preparation to the next level by using baskets. Make sure you have everything you need in a basket. You might have wine, olives, or crackers in the basket. It saves time and allows you to host stress-free guests by having one basket.

This basket doesn’t take up space on the shelves. It’s best for the top shelf or back corner of your pantry, as you will only use it for specific occasions.

#4: They can be used to hold small appliances in place

Many of us now have many kitchen gadgets thanks to the Pampered Chef era. They may or not be used on a daily basis. They take up valuable storage space. A small kitchen appliance basket can be placed in a difficult-to-reach area, just like a party basket. This allows you to use more space in your pantry and kitchen for the items that you use every day, or at least every week.

Securely wrap each cord of your appliance before you place it in the basket to prevent it from looking like a zoo. Here are some helpful tips for wrapping cords.

#5: They can be used to reduce excess food

How much of your pantry is occupied by forgotten, but still very useful food items? While it’s important to keep staples in your pantry, those cans of beans will only continue to accumulate unless you use them. This can be made easier by placing older food at your basket’s front. Before you put away your groceries, simply tip your baskets in the forward direction. You can place the unopened bags of chips in your back. Keep the bags that haven’t been used yet in front of you so they don’t end up buried and rediscovered later.

Beyond baskets

Baskets can be a great place to start when it comes to pantry organization. However, they don’t have the power or the ability to store all of your household’s food. These are other ways to organize your pantry efficiently and beautifully. Are you looking to organize your pantry? Here are our top picks for pantry items.

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