Five Ideas to Use Rustic Lighting in Your Backyard

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Because of their rustic charm, rustic chic accents are perfect for backyards. Outdoor rustic lighting with string lights is a great way to instantly add rustic charm and elegance to your backyard. This may seem unclassy at first glance. This might be plastic tiki string light or out-of season Christmas lights.

Backyard lights can be subtle and provide mood lighting, but still look rustic and chic. We’ll show you how to choose the right style of light, which is all that is required.

Rustic Exposed Bulbs

A classic style of exposed filament bulbs is a great way to instantly achieve rustic chic looks, such as the rustic lighting shown in the photo. Old-style bulbs have an antique appearance. They still provide ambient lighting because of the soft glow from their light source, which is different than certain LED types.

The photo shows how classic bulbs look outdoors as string lighting. To contrast the natural plants with the industrial-style light source, you could hang them from trees. You could hang them over dining areas or patios to brighten up places where people gather.

Combining light types

A combination of traditional string lighting and exposed bulbs is another option for rustic lighting. The photo shows how this idea was applied to maximum effect by attaching bulbs to the tree. This light source is then accented by small string lights that are placed around the branches. This creates a magical forest atmosphere.

This idea is best used with small string lights, either in white or cool colors like green. Multicolor lights, such as red and orange, might seem too seasonal. Outdoor rustic accent lighting will look timeless and clean if it is made of white or cool-colored lights.

Rustic accents are a great choice

Outdoor lighting can also be combined with rustic-inspired accent pieces. The photo shows an example of this: the wire birdcages, in old-style. The area is lit beautifully by the white string lights that hang around the tree. The tree’s lighting draws attention to the rustic birdcages that hang nearby.

An old-style lantern is another classic option that will work well with rustic chic designs. They can be hung next to string lights, or they can provide their own light source. For outdoor rustic chic, lanterns with rustic lighting, such as flameless candles, can be very popular. They can be used as accents on tables or hanging.

Combining Natural Elements with Rustic Lighting

You can also combine rustic lighting sources and accents from the natural world. The hanging globe lights in the photo below have tea candles inside. The globe design showcases candles well and adds a classic touch to your home. Hanging globe lights from natural garland is a great way to add the rustic appeal of natural textures.

There are many ways to do this. The photo shows an example of how you could hang the globe lights from a natural arch. These lights could be placed in natural wreaths at a table setting. You could also hang lights like this along the lengths of a garland.

This would be especially useful for outdoor weddings. You can also use LED tea lights if there are concerns about fire hazards.

Hang rustic lighting close to natural wood

The photo shows how beautiful exposed bulbs look when they are hung alongside a rustic wooden item like a fence. Combining old-style bulbs with lightly aged wood creates a classic look that is both charmingly rustic and timeless. To add to the natural rustic look, you might consider adding some plant life to the area.

This idea can be used in many different ways. You could hang these bulbs outside of a barn-style shed. String lights can also be hung over a reclaimed wood patio table. This allows you to be creative and inspire yourself.

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