A sunroom will let you bring the sun in this winter

Research has shown that sunlight can increase serotonin levels, which is a chemical that makes you feel happy and maintains a positive mood. The cold winter months make it hard to enjoy the outdoors as much. Sunrooms allow you to bring the outdoors in during winter months. Here are some ideas to help you create a sunroom you will love.

Decide what your goal is

Leigh Spicher is the National Director of Ashton Woods’ Design Studios. She agrees that sunrooms can make you feel happy. Let’s call our sunroom our happy place. Natural light can be used for many activities such as reading, meditation, planting, and reading. It could also be used to listen to music and take naps. Spicher suggests that you decide what you will use the space for before you pick the flooring or paint colors.

These three principles should be applied

Spicher states that after determining the room’s purpose, it is important to follow these three design principles.

Spicher says that balance is key to a sunroom. She explains that while you don’t need to have double windows in every room, the space shouldn’t be cluttered with furniture. If the temperature drops too low, a fireplace can add warmth.

Spicher also believes that the sunroom needs to have rhythm. She suggests that you choose a texture, finish or color and then repeat the pattern throughout your room. I love using natural materials like brick and hardwood in a sunroom. A pattern like herringbone creates a natural rhythm and a feeling-good vibe in the space.

Harmony is the third essential element of a sunroom. Spicher defines harmony as different elements working together. She says, “I love to mix different natural elements like wood and stone.” Spicher suggests filling the space with different elements that make you feel good. She suggests that you create your sunroom to be a personal space.

Materials and finishes

Lori Wiles, founder Lori Wiles Design, says the sunroom is gaining a lot attention as a relaxing addition to a home. Wiles says, “We are creating strong structural elements with natural finishes such as stone walls, iron strapping, lights and wood that enhance the character of the home in a casual application.” It’s a bridge between the inside and outside, offering both the security and comfort of the inside as well as the freshness and relaxation that comes from being outdoors.

Wiles recommends luxury vinyl plank flooring. Wiles says that luxury vinyl plank flooring can be resembling different wood species and is realistically designed.

Comfortable design

According to Eric Gustafson of PureModern, the right seating is crucial when furnishing a room. He says, “It is best to choose the right size chairs for your space and not overdo it.” He says that sometimes simplicity is best. A few chairs can be the perfect finishing touch.

Gustafson suggests choosing something that will reflect your personal style and create a relaxing atmosphere. You have many options when it comes to decor. You can choose a minimalistic look with just a clock and throw pillows or go wild and add wall art or fireplace.

Greenery is a great addition

Gustafson says that greenery can help create a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. He says that planters are an excellent way to achieve this, as you can choose from many styles to suit any style. Planters can be used to add greenery to your sunroom, but they also make great pieces of furniture that will complement your decor.

Consider lighting

Lighting is another aspect you should consider. Gustafson states that you should choose whether to use ceiling/wall fixtures, or lamps. There are many options available and it is easy to find the right lighting for your space.

It doesn’t matter if you unplug.

You should plan to use electronic devices. Wiles states that to make the sunroom more appealing, Wiles used weather-friendly electronics such as a TV placed in low glare and visible from multiple angles. The speaker can be found almost anywhere, and remote controls can be hidden in cabinets or ottomans.

Are there any other tips that can help you get more sunlight into your house? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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