14 Dining Room Credenzas Ideal for Cool Modern Homes

It can be rewarding and difficult to find dining room credenzas that fit modern homes. Traditional homes have a wider selection of credenzas, which can be antique or new and come in all kinds of wood and stains.

Today’s goal was to present fourteen examples that were selected by our editors. They can be vintage-modern or contemporary and provide ample storage space for silverware and plates.

This black beauty is smooth and graceful. The edges are rounded to give it a purposeful touch. Although the darker tones are a little more subtle than the rest of the piece, the brushed nickel feet add a touch of exotic style to the piece.

This suggestion was absolutely beautiful to me. This reminds me of a style that was long ago, but has been reinterpreted with modern changes to make it more compact and have a classic design at the front.

This sideboard shows why white is a popular choice for contemporary decorating. The overall design is completed by a wooden laminate and lacquer finish. This suggestion isn’t as long as the others on the list, so if you have a smaller space this might be the best option.

My first impression was of a porcupine with quills that provide its natural defense. It is cool how the image emerges from the right panel. The overall appeal is enhanced by the subtle details and gold accents.

This unusual example is in white and has legs that look like the letter “X”. It is unique because the glass table is combined, forming it into one. It’s great that you can decorate the glass while keeping the wood surface uncluttered, if the owner so chooses.

This bold combination of purple and silver accents is so courageous that I wouldn’t be remiss in omitting it from my list of dining room credenzas. This was whimsical and reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The colors may have been a factor, but the form is much more conservative than what might be found in the amazing book.

This image shows a neutral design with wood and light taupe or taupe laminate drawers. In the way the designer decided that the left side should not receive support, the L-shaped shape was also very neat. To tie everything together, the left panel had three matching inlays.

While not many dining room credenzas use latticework in their doors, this beautiful example does. This elegant design blends beautifully with the white color. The only problem is that guests would not be able to see the contents.

Wavy lines are used to keep the eye from looking left or right. These larger lines do not represent the tops of the drawers. They are just an addition to break up this design. A matching mirror can be a great addition to this set.

In super-modern homes, the combination of black and white is a signature style feature. This suggestion was very enjoyable because it wasn’t too boxy and challenged our notions of acceptable shape or mass.

This style really pops with the extra cutouts on the door panels. This style may be boring or too monotonous for many decorators.

This example has a large portion that can be used to serve drinks and dishes. It also allows for buffet-style eating if the owner wishes.

It is subtle and elegant, but it isn’t overwhelming. This furnishing is versatile and can be used in many homes. It’s not too overwhelming and it has a great sense style.

This idea uses a neutral gray shade that can be used in many homes. This would look amazing against a wall painted the right color. The open storage is something I like a lot. It opens up the dining room and makes it appear a little more airy.

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